Rules and regulations for all students

In order to function efficiently, every School needs certain rules and guidelines which are there to protect both the individual and the School.
A school functions more  easily and more  effectively  with clear standards of behaviour and manners. Because misbehaviour can range from minor breaches of the school rules to more  serious offences, it is important that pupils are aware of the consequences of unacceptable behaviour both in and out of school. They should know in advance the school's policy for deterring and correcting such behaviour. The guidelines which follow provide part of the framework for developing the self-discipline and individual responsibility which are essential in any community.   

1.  Students  are  expected  to  conduct  themselves  with  dignity  and  common  sense  at  all  times.  The  School's prestige and standing depends upon its Students who should do nothing to harm its reputation.

2.  All students should be present in School by 7.15 in the morning. If they come to school before 7.00, they cannot go to their classrooms until 7.00. Late comers will have to obtain permission from the Headmaster to enter Class.
3.  Students  in  the  Lower,  Middle  and  Upper  School  should  attend  their  General  Assembly,  and  Sectional Assembly on other days.
4.  Students should have due regard for the amenities and property of the School.  

5.  There are unwritten rules, dictated by common sense, which must also be observed.  

6.  Student should be polite to all members of the school community and to all visitors to the School.  

7.  Pupils should move around the school in a quiet and orderly manner.  

8.  Every effort must be made to keep the premises and locality tidy.  Litter  should be deposited in  the bins provided.  

9.  Nobody  may  climb  banks,  fences  or  walls,  or  climb  through  any  window,  or  do  anything  to  damage  or disfigure the school property, either inside or outside the buildings.  

10.  Except under the supervision of a member of the staff pupils must not interfere with electrical fixtures.  

11.  Damage to the college property should be reported immediately to a person responsible  

12.  Chewing gum, Smoking, consuming alcohol and the taking of drugs are forbidden and it is an offence to keep smoking materials, alcoholic drinks or drugs. This includes pupils travelling to and from school.  

13.  Gambling is forbidden.  

14.  Borrowing money, articles of clothing or other valuables is not allowed.  

15.  MP3, CD and cassette players, radios, walkmans, Toys of any kind, Video Cassettes, Audio Tapes, Video Games and Video Cameras etc may not be used within School.  

16.  Mobile telephones should not be used in the school and dormitories.

17.  Students being in possession of Magazines, CD’s, Literature and papers consisting of unacceptable literature would lead in the dismissal of the student from the school.
18.  Students should not be found in the tuck shop or Sanasa sales outlet during class hours.  
19.  A student should obtain written permission from the Headmaster to enter any class other than his even for an official matter.
20.  Students are not permitted to collect money from their fellow students for any activity without obtaining prior permission from the Headmaster.
21.  Students are not allowed to visit their friends in the sickroom during class hours.
22.  The keeping of chemicals, fireworks, catapults, knives etc is strictly forbidden.

23.  Theft  is  a  criminal  offence  and  the  School  regards  it  equally  seriously.  Punishment  will  range  from suspension to expulsion for recurrent cases.

24.  All  forms  of  bullying  will  be  dealt  by  the  Headmaster.  Sexual  harassment,  either  verbal  or  physical,  is recognized as a particularly serious form of bullying.  All bullying should be reported and will be treated extremely seriously.  

25.  The  sanctions  for  vandalism  may  vary  from  detention  and  restitution  of  the  damage  to  expulsion, according to the severity of the offence.  

26.  All students must be in their school uniform when they enter the school premises on School Days.

a.  White Shirt
b.  White Trousers (up to year 9, Blue Trousers)
c.  Black laced shoes with white socks.

27.  Pupils are expected to be clean and tidy, to conform to the school dress regulations and to take a pride in their appearance.  

28.  In general, jewellery must not be worn with school uniform.  

29.  Pupils'  hair  should  be  kept  at  a  reasonable  length  and  unacceptable  colours  and  styles  will  not  be permitted.  

30.  Primary playground area is out of bounds for Middle and Upper school students at all times.
31.  Kitchen and dormitory areas are out of bounds at all times for day scholar students.