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Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Shannon Dason

During the year in review the Student Christian Movement had the opportunity of taking part in a number of programmes.

The Annual Easter Musical Worship Service was held in May. Despite the pandemic situation we were fortunate to have regular practices and have the programme as scheduled at the Keble Memorial Hall.

During the second term the Student Christian Movement together with the students of the Advanced Level Section helped in donating essential items to under privileged students.

The Service of Nine Lessons and Carols was held in December.

We also take this moment to thank all those who helped the staff in its various activities.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Chandra David

Choir Leader: Sharon Amirthanayagam (Grade 13BC)
Music Coordinator: Shavon John (Grade 13AM)

“Praise God in his sanctuary; praise Him in His might heavens…… Praise Him with the strings and pipe, praise Him with the clash of cymbals (Psalm 150: 1,4,5)

It was indeed wonderful to see the choristers of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela come together after a lapse of 2 years.

The first assignment for the year was in connection with the celebration of our College’s 80th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in January. The day also marked Rt. Revd. Dushantha Rodrigo’s first visit to the College after his consecration as Bishop of Colombo. Efforts were taken to include the remembrance and celebration of transition of our College from a Preparatory to a Collegiate school.

The Annual Easter Musical Worship Service was held on the 8th of May on the theme “The empty grave” which was the first live service to be held since 2019 Easter bomb attack followed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, students looked forward to this event with eager anticipation. Both choristers and musicians worked together tirelessly in making this Worship Service a meaningful and a successful one.

With a delay of 3 months, the choristers started practicing for the major event of the year, the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols, which was not easy being caught up into many disturbing situations in the island and not being able to come together for regular practices. The College staff and the Primary School also sang special carols at this service. The inclusion of nativity characters of the Primary students has been a regular practice. With continued hard work we were able to witness yet another blessed Carol Service on the 4th of December.

It is to be noted that many students who have been identified as musicians have taken up the responsibility to provide the accompaniment needed for these Services. Students use the piano, organs, the drums, guitars, tabla tambourine, violin etc in enriching these services and truly praising God as in Psalm 150.

The choir strength at present stands at 50 choristers which includes students from other faiths as well. We appreciate all choristers who dedicate every Monday afternoon for the weekly practices.

We thank Mr. Narangoda, Ms. Tanya Raymond and Ms. Rebecca Mihirani for training the staff choir together with Mr. Neilson, one of our Support Staff members who composed a Tamil carol for us. Our thanks also to Ms. Sumithra Madurangani for her continued support in training the Primary choir.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Ms. Chandra David Ms. Rebecca Mihirani our chief accompanist and vocal trainer together with Ms. Jenifer Rachel for their unstinted support, commitment and dedication in training the senior choir through the year, without whom this task would have been difficult to accomplish.

We continue to see God’s guidance to instill Christian attitudes and values in our students through worship.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Upul Bandara

The Buddhist Association which actively functioned in the past had to take a step back due to the disturbing situation in the last two three years.

The Association this year too made arrangements to provide library books to an under privileged school. The Teachers’ Day was also celebrated as usual.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N. Subramaniam

Annually a variety of events are organized by the Hindu Cultural Society namely the morning devotion, Annual Vani Vizha, Vivekananda test and so on. Though the Annual Vani Vizha was not organized on sight due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to organize a colourful and successful online programme in 2021.

We are proud to mention that Annual Vani Vizha 2022 was celebrated grandly in Sri Siva Subramaniyam Swami Kovil Bandarawela on the 1st of October 2022. We were fortunate to have the Join Secretary of the Indian High Commission Sri P. Somaraj as the chief guest for this occasion. Moreover our Hindu parents were able to organize a grand almsgiving which was much appreciated. Every year the Hindu students are given the opportunity to take part in different competitions and programmes.

Through the organization of “Uravuk Karangal’ we were able to help the needy in rural schools and we wish to continue the same next year too.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Fahma Farook

Islamic students’ at S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela commence the day with the daily morning devotion. We also visit the mosque on Fridays for Jummah every fortnight.

The Meelad-Un-Nabi Celebration is usually held to mark the Holy Prophets birth, but unfortunately due to the pandemic situation in the country we were not able to organize it during the period 2019-2021 and held the programme online. We were once again fortunate to have this event on the 24th of September while the chief guest was Prof. Abdul Rauf. The Society magazine too was launched as an e-magazine for the first time.

Apart from these the students had the opportunity to take part in the Zonal Tamil Day Competition and were placed second in the Islamic Competition. The Zonal Level All Island Carnatic and Islamic Competitions too were held on the 15th of October where we were placed first.

Teachers-in-charge: Mr. Thilak Jayasiri &
Mrs. Nishaya Gunaratne

Due to the pandemic and economic crisis that prevailed in the country the Sinhala Literary Association could not have many activities as planned. It was only the language competitions that they were able to take part in.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. R. Kavitha

The Senior English Literary Association is a paradise for thinkers, readers and writers. The association is also a platform where students are free to think, read and write on the topics of their interest and choice. It also enhances the students’ linguistic and writing skills; analyze the fine nuances of literature, the language itself and inculcating fondness for language and their critical thinking.

The association aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instill in them the personality of confidence to speak well. Moving forward for the year 2023 we have planned various activities which lapsed during the years of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Bertram Weerakoon

As an initiator of countless events, the College is proud to be the very first school in the Uva Province to have a Gavel Club. Gavel Club, a society created for students by the Toastmaster’s International mainly focused on developing public speaking skills. The club was started in 2016 and with the immense support given by the Old Boys’ Association.

The aim of the club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which each individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills. Also it gives members the opportunity to practice Toastmaster-ship. Where public speaking is concerned young Gaveliers are encouraged to get rid of their fears and to speak clearly, confidently and with ease.

So in a gist, the Gavel Club greatly influences the young student to shape his life in an early stage to suit the corporate world and in time to get the maximum out of his skills to provide a quality service to the society and to enjoy his work.

Thus Gavel Club has become a cynosure which helps to seed self-confidence and personal growth of the students to transform themselves into better individuals.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Dumidu Chathuranga

The College Mathematical Society has been very active during the year in review. The following programmes were organized.

  • “Heena Passe” (following dreams) a motivated programme for G.C.E. (A/L) Mathematics stream students.
  • “X-cellencia” a programme to welcome the new students for 2024 A/L classes.
  • Launching of the Magazine “Anshaka-3”, an e-magazine, edited by the members.
  • Launching of the Mathematical Society Website -
  • The charity project “Nanopakara” a book donation to the following rural schools, to upgrade their libraries.
    B/Yahalewela M.V. and B.Gawarawela M.V.


Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. S.M.A. Sudharma
Mrs. S. Sasikalathevy

The Junior Science Society of the College provides an opportunity for students to engage with science from an early age. It aims in giving them an introduction to scientific methods, helps them to develop a love in science and it gives them the confidence to continue studying science further during their schooling. It is also a platform for the Thomians to explore new scientific research in their future endeavours. It is with great hope that we expect to undertake more activities in the society which were restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the past years.


Teachers-in-charge: Mr. Kosala Rajapaksha
Mr. Sanjeewa Wijithananda

The College IT Club has accomplished a lot in terms of practical utilization of outdoor videography and photography skill. It has proven to be a club without which the College media would not be possible.

Moreover, providing IT solutions for all College functions, workshops and special events held both at College and outside of College in collaboration with the photography unit of the IT Club.

IT Club initiated a series of online webinars on the following topics specifically conducted by the past students of our College.

1. Cyber Security
2. Robotics and Electronics
3. Software Development

The most recent accomplishment is the re-launching of the IT Club web page ( which includes a gallery of photo albums and videos along with the hyperlinks for live webcasting of College events.

Our members have participated in many IT related contests conducted by various Governmental and non-governmental organizations and have performed remarkably.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. J.K.C.J.P. Manchanayake

The Photography Club of the College takes pride in the introduction and organizing of various activities in the College. Students who have a keen eye and who are interested are encouraged to join the club. This club is open to all students from Grade 8 upwards and the lessons are conducted with a touch of artistry. Sessions in this field are introduced from the very beginning where theory and later on practical assignments are provided.

Students take part in regular sessions and have also to take part in a practical test to which a certificate is also provided. During these sessions the fine art of photography, its history and editing is taught. Unfortunately, due to the past situation in the country many sessions were held online while students were encouraged to take and share photographs through Zoom and WhatsApp. Through these students were able to share their views and shortcomings. Students hope to hold an exhibition in the near future to showcase their talents in the field of photography.

Students are also given the opportunity to cover some of the major events in the College to further enhance their skills. At the end of the lessons, students are provided with an examination, to which they are awarded certificates.


Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. Nishaya Gunaratne
Mr. Shannon Dason

This club was formed with the aim of creating an awareness of nature among the students of the College, students belonging to the Middle, Upper and Advanced Level sections are selected to this group. During the year in review the club had many activities as follows:

* Planting of roses and anthuriams in view of the 80th Anniversary of the College.

* Distribution of 2000 books to the Library of Konthahela School

* Actively promoting the Reading Day during the first week in October

* Planting of jak and plantain trees in the land belonging to the College

* A nutritional fair was held to promote healthy eating habits especially during our main meals.

* Joined hands with the Commerce Foundation in promoting new techniques to sell products and successfully conducted a fair.

Apart from these events the Environmental Circle was instrumental in promoting the idea of growing vegetable crops in the College. This was according to the aim created by F.A.O Australian aid to conduct the Entrepreneurial School Gender projects island wide. Mrs. Nishaya Gunaratne and Mr. Shannon Dason attended a three day workshop in Bindunuwewa conducted by this project and this also lead to the forming of a sub-group (Agri Club) Using the latest technology and new methods, we hope to further develop the school garden project and also encourage students to grow crops at home too.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Jude Narangoda

The Robotic Club of the College having experienced many constrains due to the pandemic crisis over the last few years has just begun to resurrect itself amidst the ever increasing cost of equipment and spares.
The students are keen as ever to explore, experiment and discover the wonders that the Arduino platforms have to offer. They have participated in a number of webinars conducted by Ruhuna University and Sri Lanka Institute Information Technology with the aim of creating awareness among the students island wide on Robotics and the latest developments.

This year too, Liksham Lingam of Grade 12BM and Macmillian Diron of Grade 12BC took part in the “SLRC 2021” virtual Robotic Contest organized by the University of Moratuwa and secured the 7th place in the school category.

Few more workshops will be held in the near future to enlighten the students of S. Thomas’ College.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Jude Narangoda
President: Leo Chatuma Ravindra
Secretary: Macmillan Dilon

The Leo Club of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela, the first of its kind to be established in a school in Sri Lanka in 1979 has embarked on a unique mission to reconnoiter the opportunities to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, create and foster a spirit of understanding among the like-minded personnel and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards to achieve excellence.

The year 2022 dawned with blessings for the Leo Club of the College as it got revamped on the 26th of February under the leadership of Leo Kavindu Bopitiya with 22 young Alpha Leos.

We stand tall with more than 150 members in the family of Leos in College and wish to pay homage to our past Leos who were the ambassadors to pioneer Leoism at school level in our beloved motherland as their outreach for the betterment of the society has simply become a legend.

Following are some of the community based volunteer projects the Leos engaged themselves in.

“Project Minerva”, “Project Hunger,” “Tree Plantation”, “Paint Donation”, “Play for the Future”, “Share the joy”.

In the year in review, Leo Kavindu Bopitya was awarded the following:

* District Governor’s Appreciation Award
* Special Achievement Award
* Most Outstanding Zonal Director – 2nd Runner up
* Membership Growth Award 2022


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Upul Singhe Pathirana

* Making public announcements of all the College events.

* Broadcasting of special assemblies conducted by the Headmaster, especially during the pandemic time.

* Providing training facilities in all three languages for the students in announcing and giving them opportunities to announce at various College functions.

* Work in Collaboration with Uva FM and other electronic and non-electronic media in the region and the country.

* Training students to give running commentaries at various sporting events including cricket.

* Organized an exhibition for the Grade 10 and 11 students in collaboration with using a high-digital mobile bus which was brought to the College.

* Updating the Media Unit wall newspaper every week.

* Helping the subject teachers to conduct their lessons related to media at the Media Room.

* The writings, drawings and poems done by students are being sent for publication in the national newspapers.


Teachers-in-charge: Mr. Ruwan Attanayake
Mr. Shannon Dason

The Astronomy and Aviation Club of the College was formed in 2021 to encourage students to gain knowledge in the field of Astronomy and Aviation. It was also felt that the knowledge students gained through their text books were either outdated or limited, which resulted in forming of such a club.

We are proud to mention that our students took an instant liking and as at present have nearly 300 members from the Middle, Upper and A/L Sections. Unfortunately during the year in review we were not able to organize many activities and met online on those occasions, but we certainly look forward to the year ahead with much promise and activities in store.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Chinthaka Weerakoon

* The Commerce Foundation organized the project “X-cellencia” to welcome the new students for 2024 A/L Classes.

* Organized a special programme named Comm-x-peria which include the following:

• Seminar for our students and neighbouring schools of the G.C.E. (O/L) and (A/L) sections.

• Various competitions for students from Grade 6-11 such as Poster / new products / logo designing / video advertising / marketing strategies


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. P.R. Lakmali

The Kennel Club was introduced to us by S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia in 2016.

Among many activities the club was involved in sterilizing the stray dogs and cats and treating wounded and sick animals in the area was another important acts.

The last programme at the Kennel Club was coordinating a sterilizing programme with the MOH, Badulla in which about 675 stray dogs and cats were sterilized.

At present we are working to inculcating positive attitudes in students towards stopping cruelty on animals.

We hope to carry out two projects namely an exhibition of posters, documentaries and videos on the other hand we hope to build up a shelter to cater wounded and sick animals.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Chalitha Kularathna

Our College has joined in the “Young Innovations Club” programme implemented in schools affiliated to the “Sri Lankan New Inventors Association.” Thus we have appointed and completed the staff required to be active in the College.

Several students of our College have applied to participate in the “Junior Inventor of the year” competition related to the IESL JIY program.

In the meantime, the IESL JIY program has conducted the programs to motivate and innovate the school students to which our students have also participated.

Recently the following projects were completed successfully.

* Participated in “UWU Expo” exhibition organized by the Uva Wellassa University.

* Participated in the All Island 3D Innovation competition organized by SLIC

* A series of online awareness programmes were held which were organized by the University of Ruhuna and IESL JIY program.

Students of our College participated in the following programmes.

Junior Inventor of the Year 2021 conducted by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

ENCORE Session (Uva and Sabaragamuwa Province) and “Inspiring Pathfinder” Programme conducted by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) – JIY Program (Online-Zoom)

UWU EXPO Exhibition conducted by the Uva Wellassa University

All Island 3D Innovation Competition conducted by Sri Lanka Inventors Commission


Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. Krishani Kalinga
Mr. C Sudharshan

The Drama Club of the College was formed for students to gain more exposure in the field of Drama. Most of the students in the club are students who study Drama & Theatre as a subject from Grade 6 – 11. Although the club was formed last year, the members could not take part in many activities due to the prevailing situation in the country.

During the year the members took part in a two day workshop and also were involved in staging a drama in view of the Children’s Day Celebrations organized by the College. The students were also involved in staging a drama for the 80th Anniversary of the College and took part in the Teacher’s Day programme as well.

Our students had the unique opportunity to take part in the All Island Drama Competition which was organized by the Tower Hall Foundation. The G.C.E. (O/L) students too had the opportunity of taking part in a workshop this year too to further develop their skills.
Students also had the rare opportunity of viewing the following dramas during the past years at the Bandarawela Town Hall.

“Maname”, “Sinhabahu”, “Nari Bena”, “Wellasse Wedi Handa” and “Love and the life”

With this kind of exposure the students were able to identify the finer aspects of Drama & Theatre.

Our students took part in the Tamil Day Drama and Villupattu Competitions and won 2nd place in the Zonal Level.