Aims of the College

The aim of our founder, Mr. W.T. Keble was to provide a free atmosphere for the growing child to enable him to develop in every manner of his life. He wanted to establish a school remote from great towns in a salubrious climate, but at the same time not second to any other school in the Island. He realized the importance of a hostel accommodation in order to admit children from different parts of the Island so that they could learn to move and live together as of mother Lanka.

We aim to be inclusive and provide education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. We consider every stage of a child's life from grade I onwards as of equal importance. It is our endeavor to develop the latent talents and abilities by providing a very broad curriculum in the classroom and a variety of extra-curricular activities after school hours.

We place great emphasis in the training of character and at the same time realize that the school should be a happy contented community. We try to create a homely and friendly atmosphere where teachers are looked up to as helpers, advisers and guardians, in other words a SECOND HOME away from home. The highest standards are expected from pupils with regard to intellectual achievements, physical activities, and character qualities.

The teachers are expected to be dedicated to the sacred task of mounding the life and character of pupils. They try to achieve this by example and precept, and by rendering the highest services and making sacrifices in all their undertakings.

We want the highest co-operation of parents at every stage of a child at school and if this is not forthcoming, such parents may even be asked to remove their children from school as we could do very little without parental interests.

It is our aim to develop a truly national school in which children of all types and races could develop their personality in relation to a heterogeneous group. This would enable them to take their rightful places in the life of the country, without complexes but with sympathy and understanding, as citizens of a united nation.