Scouting & Cubbing


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Thilak Jayasiri
Scout Leader: Sahan Ratnayake

The Scout activities were conducted as usual throughout the year. However, we were compelled to conduct online classes for the scouts at times due to the prevailing situation of the country and a large number of students participated in those special classes.

Approximately 200 Scouts and Girl Guides from the schools in the region attended a special programme organized on 22nd February 2022 to commemorate the Baden Powel Day at college which included an Art Exhibition and a Drama Competition. The winners were awarded prizes and certificates.

The most prestigious award a scout would get is the President’s Award. 5 senior scouts received the President’s Awards at a special programme held at the Provincial Auditorium Badulla with our scouts presenting the Guard of Honour. Following students received the awards. In addition, 14 more scouts received their Medals on 22nd June 2022 and many others at various other occasions.

Dilukshan Amirthnayagam, Sampath Chamod, T. Wimalachandura, Thineth Fernando and Pawan Dissanayake

Amongst the above scouts, the President Scout Sampath Chamod received his Medal from the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksha at the State Festival held at the President’s Palace. Meanwhile, the following students qualified to receive the President’s Scout Medal have submitted their application forms. Minidu Harshana , Surath Bhanuka , Pinidu Ratnayake , Sheron Amirthanayagam and Nisika Gunaratna and Minidu Harshana has been recommended to receive it.

The Commissioner of Cubs Scout of the Sri Lanka Scout Association conducted a workshop at the college on “Leadership Training” for the teachers of the Uva Province for which 176 teachers of provincial schools participated including the following teachers from our college. Mr. Madhwa Gayashan, Mr. Harsha Ramanayake, Mr.Dilukshan Amirthanayagam, Ms. Doris Cruze Mrs. Mealniya Wijeyarajah and Mrs. Indeepa Herath.

The 13th National Cubboree, Badulla District Ceremony was held on 16th,17th, and 18th of September at college after many years for which nearly 650 children, 15 Officials and 40 leaders participated.

The 31st Annual Arms -giving to the students of the School for the Deaf, Dowa was held and Dry rations were donated instead.

The Scout Day of S. Thomas’ college was celebrated on 26th November 2022 after a lapse of many years and 54 new scouts were recruited. Moreover, 694 Scouts and Girl Guides from outstation schools participated in the event.

Finally, as the last event for the year, a one day camp was organized only for 160 Singithi Pack Scouts of our college on 14th December 2022.

I humbly continue to serve the college and the region at large providing leadership as the Badulla District Scout Commissioner.

Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. Harshani Mahakumarage
Mrs. Sumi Gnananesan

The Cub Scout Movement continues to attract the attention of students as this year too we had 103 new enrollments from students of Grade 3 and 4. Although we could not meet much in 2021 we did have sessions via WhatsApp and Zoom.

We are also pleased to inform that Mrs. Melaniya Wijeyarajah , Mrs. Indeepa Herath and Mrs. Doris Cruze completed their phase I and II training and continue to function as Cub Scout Leaders. Apart from that Mrs. Sumi Gnananesan attended the Cub Scout Advanced Course Phase IV in Mirigama during the third term.

Another unique opportunity that drew the attention of our students was the Global Cultural Jumboree via Zoom. A number of other activities too were organized to which our students attended. They are as follows:

* National Service Month fund raising project
* A visit to the Elder’s Home at Bandarawela
* A guard of honour was presented by our Cubs for the Mayor of Badulla for the President’s Badge Awarding Ceremony.
* 13th National Cubboree 2022 Uva District which was held in September to which three of our students participated.

Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. Ishanka Gunathilake
Mrs. S.J.M. Rukshila

The “Singithi” Cub Scout Movement was initiated five years ago with the intention of encouraging the Grades 1 and 2 students in Cubbing. Sessions are held every Wednesday after school while lessons are taught through fun activities and games. Students are awarded badges after a three month period.

During the year in review the “Singithi” Cub Scouts were involved in two main projects. The Singithi fair was held in October with the participation of parents and after that they also got together to present essential items along with a lunch to the Elder’s Home which belongs to the Church of the Ascension, Bandarawela. During this programme the Cubs got the opportunity to spend sometime with the elders and learn more about sharing and caring.

As at present there are around 75 students in the pack who also learn the value of team spirit, overcoming challenges and learning the value of nature.