2020 Events: S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela

Bandarawela Thomians introduced to Teqball

The coach and master in charge of soccer, Mr. G. Praba along with students S. Abisharman, V. Nigilesh and M. Shahil participated in a workshop organized by the Teqball Federation of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Military Academy to promote Teqball on the 3rd of October 2020 at St. Joseph’s College Bandarawela.

For more details of the event, visit: http://www.army.lk/news/teqball-game-introduced-bandarawela-soccer-players

The curved teqball table is unique to this sport. It measures 3 m in length and is 1.7 m wide with the highest point at 0.76 m in the middle of the playing surface where the net is installed separating the surface into two parts. The two outer edges of the width are 0.565 m above the ground.

Teqball is a ball sport that is played on a curved table, combining elements of soccer and table tennis. Back and forth, the players hit a soccer ball with any part of the body except arms and hands. Teqball can be played between two players as a singles game, or between four players as a doubles game too. The game is represented at an international level by the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ). A number of world-class footballers have been attracted by the game, and after being added to the programmes for the 2021 Asian Beach Games and the African Beach Games, the sport is now aiming for Olympic inclusion. This game has been introduced to Sri Lanka with the aim of players to take part in the Asian Beach Games. Hence they are planning to organize tournaments in the island to select the National Pool.